You guessed it!

AstroKeith is just a pseudonym. My real name is Keith Venables.

My interest in astronomy started at school (Eltham College), and I later took a degree in Astrophysics (Sussex University).

Then I started an engineering job in industry, got married (to Jan), and that was me kind of busy for the next 20+ years. When the children (Mel & Andy) left home I had more time and was amazed to find how much amateur telescopes and equipment had advanced. Plus now with some engineering skills I have really enjoyed building and using telescopes. The Camberley Observatory is my biggest project to date.

In 2000 I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

One of the things we like best about our house is the garden lined with mature trees. These trees obscure a good part of the sky, but most of it is tainted orange by street lighting anyway. There are two solutions, one - look straight up at whatever happens to be passing, and the other is to travel to dark sky sights. Combine this with my love of travelling and you see why I go to so many star parties.

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