Other Equipment

Here’s a run down on some of my other current equipment. I had some other stuff in the past, but these are the items I will hang on to. The stuff I had the longest is at the top, newest at the bottom.


102mm Vixen Fluorite APO

Shown here with a 120S Vixen which I sold. The 102 is a real nice performer and compares very well with others much more expensive.

It is mounted on a GP-DX deluxe with SkySensor2000 GoTo drive. Works well. For a while I used ot lug it across to the US Star Parties, but I needed aperture and so built my 10” travel dobsonian,

Mijauchi 100mm fluorite APO binoculars

I believe these are the best 100mm (4”) binos available! Pin sharp to the edge of the field with no colour fringing etc.

I have x20 and x36 eyepieces. The x20 have an enormous eyerelief which makes using them a real joy.

IMG 6602 1

Shown here in 2003 at the Texas Star Party where I got a confirmed observation of Pluto with them, at magnitude 13.6!

10” Ultra Portable Dobsonian

Designed to be taken as "checked luggage” on airlines, it is just under 23kg and within regulation size.

It’s been on 11 return flights to the US and had only one slight mishap when a security inspector tampered with a locking screw.

Check out a full description here


the Rev William F A Ellison 6”telescope

An amazing piece of luck when this 100 year old telescope came to light in an east london yard. Even better when I was around to be given it to own and restore.

It comes from an important time in the history of amateur telescope making - check it out here.



Here Im going to state my personal recommendation for Televueeyepieces.

They are expensive, but for me they do get the very best out of my scopes, my eyes, and the conditions.

This is my current set, housed in a custom oak case I made.

They are 6,8,13 & 21 mm Ethos

In the case is also a set of filters (OII, Hbeta, UHC & lightpollution), and a laser collimator.

The box by the way won the Texas Star Party ATM award for Design and Innovation in 2009.

IMG 0512

Ultracompact 18” f4.5 Dobsonian

This borrows the mirror set from my main observatory scope for when I want to go to dark skies in the UK, mostly at star parties.

Full details are here, but it is currently “work in progress”!

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