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Ian Sharp is a recent acquaintance who is doing some great work down on the UK south coast. He has built an observatory using the same design as mine. His website is well worth a visit.

Dome & Telescope DIY

This list below gives the major suppliers of components for the telescope and observatory project. They operate from the UK but some can supply to other countries as well. There are of course many other suppliers and you should search for the best for you needs. All these gave excellent service to me.

Scopedrives.comsupplier of advanced Dobsonian drives systems.

Astro Devices supplier of telescope interface products, including the Nexus. Based in Australia but very fast delivery and excellent product support.

Phidgets manufacturer of a very wide and useful range of USB contoller modules and motors. I use Active-Robots to supply them in the UK.

David Lukehurst manufacturer of custom telescopes and supplier of DIY components including optics.

Oldham Optical UK, specialist manufacturer of all types of telescope optics for professionals and amateurs.

The Angle Ring Company I used this supplier of curved steel and aluminium which are very useful for domes. Atomic Bending are an alternative I haven't tried but look to be able to supply similar items - worth a look also.

AWR TechnologiesSupplies Intelligent drive systems for commercial and custom telescopes.

RS Components Ltd
Farnell Ltd

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